Photoluminescent Exit Sign Services

UL 924 Photoluminescent Exit Signs, glow in the dark exit sign, UL 924 Exit signs

NightBright USA Product Line:

How long does it take to charge the product?

It only takes a few minutes of bright lighting for an initial quick charge, but it takes about one hour of exposure to a cool light source such as ambient daylight, fluorescent, LED, mercury vapor or metal halide for a full charge at the installation site.

How long will the product glow?

When fully charged, the product will emit enough light for effective path marking for several hours. The darker the area, the easier it is for the human eye to perceive the light emitting from the signage.

How long will the product last?

If properly used indoors in compliance with the installation instructions, the typical life expectancy of the aluminum backed EXIT signs is beyond 30 years.  Per UL924 standard for Emergency Lighting, photoluminescent exit signs do not have to carry an expiration date.

Is this product code compliant?

Yes.  The NightBright USA product meets the required codes for emergency evacuation and egress path marking signage.  Our product line qualifies under the required provisions of the  UBC and IBC as approved by the International Code Council.

What is the product warranty?

NightBright USA Photoluminescent Aluminum products have a 30 year limited warranty on their Photoluminescent properties when installed indoors.  

What makes the product glow?

NightBright USA uses a patented technology to apply a photoluminescent pigment to our sturdy aluminum signs.

Is the product radioactive?

Our product is not radioactive.  The photoluminescent effect is accomplished through the use of  non-radioactive, non-toxic pigment powder which is applied to our aluminum signage.

How do you install the product?

Exit signs are to be affixed onto walls, doors or ceiling by means of tamper proof screws. When using tamper proof screws it may be also appropriate to use in addition an adhesive such as Liquid Nails. If the sign is supplied with frames for ceiling or wall installation, the frames are to be installed prior to placing the sign in the slot supplied and then  affixed by means of set screws provided. Path marker signs may be installed using Liquid Nails or an equivalent adhesive.

Where is the product made?NightBright USA Proudly manufactures all of our product line in the Great United States of America!