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Photoluminescent Exit Sign Standards and Codes
Photoluminescent Exit Sign Standards and Codes

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APPROVED Photoluminescent EXIT SIGNS



2018 IBC, IFC & 2018 Life Safety Code specify that exit signs used to mark exit doors must be approved. All approved exit signs must be tested and evaluated to the UL 924 performance standard- electric, photoluminescent and self-luminous signs. Exit signs must be so maintained that they will continue to operate for not less than 90 minutes after an electrical power failure.


​Section 1013 Exit Signs

1013.1 Where Required
Exits and exit access doors shall be marked by an approved exit sign readily visible from any direction of egress travel. The path of egress travel to exits and within exits shall be marked by readily visible exit signs to clearly indicate the direction of egress travel in cases where the exit or the path of egress travel is not immediately visible to the occupants. Intervening means of egress doors within exits shall be marked by exit signs. Exit sign placement shall be such that no point in an exit access corridor or exit passageway is more than 100 feet (30 480 mm) or the listed viewing distance for the sign, whichever is less, from the nearest visible exit sign. 
1. Exit signs are not required in rooms or areas that require only one exit or exit access. 
2. Main exterior exit doors or gates that are obviously and clearly identifiable as exits need not have exit signs where approved by the building official. 
3. Exit signs are not required in occupancies in Group U and individual sleeping units or dwelling units in Group R-1, R-2 or R-3. 
4. Exit signs are not required in dayrooms, sleeping rooms or dormitories in occupancies in Group I-3. 
5. In occupancies in Groups A-4 and A-5, exit signs are not required on the seating side of vomitories or openings into seating areas where exit signs are provided in the concourse that are readily apparent from the vomitories. Egress lighting is provided to identify each vomitory or opening within the seating area in an emergency.
1013.2 Floor-Level Exit Signs in Group R-1
Where exit signs are required in Group R-1 occupancies by Section 1013.1, additional low-level exit signs shall be provided in all areas serving guest rooms in Group R-1 occupancies and shall comply with Section 1013.5. 
The bottom of the sign shall be not less than 10 inches (254 mm) nor more than 12 inches (305 mm) above the floor level. The sign shall be flush mounted to the door or wall. Where mounted on the wall, the edge of the sign shall be within 4 inches (102 mm) of the door frame on the latch side.
1013.3 Illumination
Exit signs shall be internally or externally illuminated. 
Exception: Tactile signs required by Section 1013.4 need not be provided with illumination.
1013.4 Raised Character and Braille Exit Signs
A sign stating EXIT in visual characters, raised characters and braille and complying with ICC A117.1 shall be provided adjacent to each door to an area of refuge, an exterior area for assisted rescue, an exit stairway or ramp, an exit passageway and the exit discharge.

1013.5 Internally Illuminated Exit Signs

Electrically powered, self-luminous and photoluminescent exit signs shall be listed and labeled in accordance with UL 924 and shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and Chapter 27. Exit signs shall be illuminated at all times.

1013.6 Externally Illuminated Exit Signs
Externally illuminated exit signs shall comply with Sections 1013.6.1 through 1013.6.3.

1013.6.1 Graphics
Every exit sign and directional exit sign shall have plainly legible letters not less than 6 inches (152 mm) high with the principal strokes of the letters not less than 3/4 inch (19.1 mm) wide. The word "EXIT" shall have letters having a width not less than 2 inches (51 mm) wide, except the letter "I," and the minimum spacing between letters shall be not less than 3/8 inch (9.5 mm). Signs larger than the minimum established in this section shall have letter widths, strokes and spacing in proportion to their height. 
The word "EXIT" shall be in high contrast with the background and shall be clearly discernible when the means of exit sign illumination is or is not energized. If a chevron directional indicator is provided as part of the exit sign, the construction shall be such that the direction of the chevron directional indicator cannot be readily changed.
1013.6.2 Exit Sign Illumination
The face of an exit sign illuminated from an external source shall have an intensity of not less than 5 footcandles (54 lux).
1013.6.3 Power Source
Exit signs shall be illuminated at all times. To ensure continued illumination for a duration of not less than 90 minutes in case of primary power loss, the sign illumination means shall be connected to an emergency power system provided from storage batteries, unit equipment or an on-site generator. The installation of the emergency power system shall be in accordance with Chapter 27. 
1. Approved exit sign illumination means that provide continuous illumination independent of external power sources for a duration of not less than 90 minutes, in case of primary power loss, are not required to be connected to an emergency electrical system. 
2. Group I-2 Condition 2 exit sign illumination shall not be provided by unit equipment battery only.

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