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NightBright USA Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Photluminescent signage is convenient and appealing, but it's also critical to safety. If you want to install reliable, eye-catching photoluminescent exit signs, contact Night Bright USA today.

Quality: The most important factor of a Photouminescent exit sign is quality. Above all, the sign needs to be easily visible under any circumstance. Photoluminescent exit signs absorb ambient light, and emit the light throughout the code required time. In fact, since our signs don't require electricity, they'll shine brightly even when electric signs go dark. Photoluminescent exit signs are just as effective as electrical signs, assuming they're built well and installed correctly. The NFPA Life Safety Code and OSHA require very strict levels of safety adherence, and many of our signs are fully compliant with the UL 924 guidelines as well as the International Building Code. Please contact us regarding which product line best fits your code requirements.

Efficiency: The primary benefit of a photoluminescent exit sign, as opposed to electric ones, is that they don't require any electricity. Additionally, because there are no bulbs to replace or wires to erode, our signs will last for years without any necessary maintenance.


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Photoluminescent Exit Signs
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UL 924 Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Suitable for Floor Proximity

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UL 924 / UL 746c / UL 1994 / ASTM / ISO / OSHA

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Not all Photoluminescent Exit signs are created equal. To make sure that you are meeting the code requirements for UL 924 Listed photoluminescent exit signs, select a Photoluminescent Exit Sign that is listed and recognized by a reputable third party inspection company. Our UL 924 Photoluminescent Exit Signs are listed and marked with the Trusted ETL mark that displays the code compliance to the UL 924 Standard.

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